The Producers 2019

BABIRRA Music Theatre

For The Producers, I was asked to create the four major headpieces for the Follies’ girls during the number Springtime for Hitler, the dual leg casts for Franz and some 3D-printed SS badges for the Nazi costumes.

  Headpiece Sausage: Polyurethane Expanding Foam. Papier-Mache, 3D Printed Ends & Gold Trim
'Viking' Style Helmet: Repaint of purchased helmet

'Viking' Style Shields: EVA Foam

 Headpiece Pretzel: Polyurethane Expanding Foam. Papier-Mache & Diamantes
Headpiece Stein: Polyurethane Expanding Foam & Papier-Mache
Pretzel & Stein Accessories: 3D Modelled and Printed

Leg Casts: Upholstery Foam Wrapped in Plaster Gauze. Velcro joinery.


Since the headpieces were comically large, they needed a complex system to keep them attached to the actresses heads whist the cast dance around the stage. After much trial and error, it was decided that each headpiece (bar the ‘viking’ helmet) would have four metal rods which were sewn into a felt cap, which could in turn be held on the actresses heads with dual elastic straps which were generously attached by the costume team.

For the leg casts, upholstery foam was wrapped with plaster bandages around my leg. The upholstery foam was quite thick so would allow a wide range of leg sizes to fit inside, thus both allowing the casts to be made without the actor as well as giving the ability to reuse the leg casts.

Prop Closeups