Urinetown 2019


As Properties Master for Urinetown, I was allowed significant creative freedom to design the props and make them as strange and quirky as I thought necessary for the show.

Money:  Custom Design Printed Paper
Teddy: Several Bears Stitched Together & Weathered

Money Bags: Weathered Muslin Cloth & Twine
'Trick' Arm Bindings: Cotton Rope With Elastic

Revolution Flag: Sewn Together T-shirts
UGC Clipboards: Spraypainted Clipboards
Angel Wings: Wire Armature, Toilet Paper & Toilet Paper Rolls


'Poor' Weapons: Fibreglass Resin (Glass Shanks), Polystrene (Brick), Wood (Sticks)
'Looney Tunes' Style Mallet: EVA Foam, Cardboard & PVC Pipe

Revolution Flag: Old T-Shirts & Fabric Paint
Cash Suitcase: Audio Suitcase, Fake Money Stacks & Money Bands

Electric Chair Switch: Wood
Sock Puppets: Socks, Felt, Pipe Cleaners & Googly Eyes

For the show, I generally tried to follow the motif of have’s vs have-not’s in regards to the poor vs the rich. In this regard, the props that were used by the poor were mostly handmade with de-saturated colours – usually designed to look like they were both made out of scraps and significantly worn. For example, resin was used to make fake glass shards, the flag was made out of old t-shirts and most props were weathered with a variety of tools including paint, a cigarette lighter and even a cheese grater.

Conversely, the props for the rich were mostly bought, and maintained so that they looked expensive. Their props also typically contained more colour to give even more contrast to the brown palette that the poor had.

Miscellaneous Artwork Created For Show

Closeup Pictures & Designs